Dining Hall/Retreat Building Capital Campaign

When you have something you love, you take care of it. You nurture and develop it, and you proudly share it with others. That’s what Clearwater is for so many people who call it their home away from home.

We are embarking on this capital campaign to deliver on our promises:

Provide a healthy, safe, compliant environment

  • Modernize the kitchen, bring it to code
  • Create accessible spaces and restrooms

Value our employees and guests

  • Design office space that is professional, efficient, and comfortable
  • Provide a welcoming and lasting impression

Preserve the resources entrusted to us

  • Maintain structures, while preserving the historical features of each
  • Celebrate our heritage

Our campaign is about love, memories, and traditions. It is also about the future. How do we maintain and develop Clearwater Forest so that it can continue to transform lives? This whole idea is aptly summed up in our Campaign title – Rooted in Tradition, Growing for Tomorrow.

A donation to our Capital Campaign will go towards the renovation of the kitchen and dining hall, a replacement building for Osprey House, and the updating of the Carriage House.

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